The main Enimatio prize went to the Slovenian film The Wizard

The main prize at the 10th International Children and Youth Film Festival – Enimation, which due to the epidemic was held online at www., this year went to the home author Anže Orehek and his film The Wizard. Anže graduated at Srednja grafična in medijska šola Ljubljana. After receiving the prize he stated: “I would like to thank the jury to choose me as the winner of this year’s Enimation Festival and the entire team that organized the event. I would also like to thank my mentor Mojca Guštin, who informed me about this festival and also registered me. Otherwise my animation would have been used only as my graduation product and remained unknown to the public. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their support, the Internet to allow me to access the knowledge, and programmers who have created the free open source program Blender, which I used to make the whole animation. Apart from the films I’ve watched this year, I look forward to also seeing films participating in the future.”


The winner in the category “First Masterpieces”, films by authors aged up to 10 years is film Hoover, produced by several authors from Estonia.

Film “Better than this” won in the category “Thoughts Growing”, films by authors aged 11 to 14 years. It  was produced by group of Russian children under the supervision of Polina Šejzon, and among the oldest producers in the “Blushed Adolescents” category, aged 15 to 19, celebrated the Brazilian film Mud produced by a group of young authors under the supervision of Alexander Juruen.

The awards were given by a three-member international expert jury consisted of: Master of Film Screenwriting from the University Salford in Manchester Anja Bunderla, Grega Mastnak, author of the animated series Prince Ki-Ki-Do and Lito Theodosiou, coordinator of the partner festival Camera Zizanio and Olympia in Greece. Because of the current events, the entire festival programme was broadcasted between 10 and 15 November at www.