8 November − 13 November 2022

The ENIMATION festival is here again. The festival presents the film production of children and youth
from all over the world. We will show a selection of animated, feature, documentary, and
experimental films from different age categories. This year, 733 films from 73 different countries
were submitted, from which the professional jury selected 80 films, 10 from each category. This
year’s competition comes with an addition of a special thematic programme for children and youth
on the topic of Diversity/Tolerance, where the best film in the category will be chosen by the
audience. Together with the accompanying programme we will be able to watch more than a 100
short films in 6 days.
The opening of the festival returns with magnificent dance performances in cooperation with the
Dance Center. After the opening ceremony, the winning films of the YCN award that are chosen by
the international Youth Cinema Network will be screened. The accompanying programme continues
the tradition of the New Filmmakers programme. We will get to know film research, which is marked
by the thriller genre this year. We will watch the annual production of the film Smoothie, which is
carried out by the film society Film Factory, as a part of educational workshops. This time, the annual
production of Enimation school, the school of animated film, will also be on the programme as well
as the premiere of the animated short film “Kako je kokoška kuhala čaj” by Hana Repše, the author
and mentor for the animated film.
The Festival in focus programme showcases our partner from Iran, Madrese International Short Film
Festival, which takes place at the same time. Mohammad Reza Cheshomi, the programme manager
of the festival and the mentor of animation workshops for children and youth, will present himself
with animated short films.
The festival is accompanied by an exhibition of Ekranov covers, a film and television magazine
published by the Slovenian Cinematheque since 1962. A film criticism workshop led by Ana Štrum
and Anja Banka will also be available.
The festival takes place in the second week of November from the 8th to the 13th 2022. The week
dedicated to children and youth films will be commemorated with screenings in the auditorium of
Vetrinjski dvor in Maribor as well as in schools. The Sunday program will be summarised online and
enable young authors from all over the world, who cannot attend the festival, an insight into this
year’s film selection.
Films from all over the world could not be shown without the hard work of the students of the UM
Faculty of Arts, Department of Translation Studies, and their mentor dr. Melita Koletnik, Amy
Kennedy, and Roberta Petrović, who ensure that all films are subtitled accordingly. In addition to the
winning films, the festival will also present the winners of the competition for the best slogan and
video clip, which is being prepared by The Friends of Youth Association Maribor in cooperation with

the Enimation festival and the Youth Cultural Center Maribor on the theme of 100 people 100
The Enimation festival works with the goal of inspiring children and youth to explore and create the
film and AV landscape. It encourages the expression of feelings through the medium, dispels taboos
through conversation, and an exchange of views on society and experiencing the world.
This year’s edition of the festival highlights the theme of diversity and tolerance, a theme that needs
to be highlighted again and again if we want to coexist together in society. We want to encourage
curiosity in what is different and strengthen tolerance, cooperation, and teamwork regardless of
prejudices. Film connects us. A film is rarely created as an individual product. Only teamwork,
diversity of skills and a clear common goal can lead to its final implementation.
Let’s enjoy the creativity of children and youth and engage with the world around us with curiosity.

Hana Repše, programme manager